Warum ist Averse Sefira sehr Schwach?

Article by Raimund Weiner. Ffans und die Untermenschen may recognize me from the comments under such alter egos as Brainer Rascalslut und Strainer Weidensbutt; yes, the veil has come off, liebe Untermenschen.

Disclaimer: Diese opinions are solely der Autors; Death Metal Underground does not endorse any anti Jeff A.D. propaganda, or anything that remotely recognizes die Juden as the rightful masters of Deutschland, because der Trump Reich ist their home. Diese opinions are only allowed in das Death Metal Underground solely because Amerika ist ein Land of freie opinion, unlike Die Kommunistische AndereVolksrepublik Deutschland.

0. Into der Flames auf Holocausten

Warum? So we ask ourselves: Warum ist Averse Sefira sehr schwach? Die last time Averse Sefira’s name was mentioned, it was repeatedly stated, despite their fanboys incessant wailing, that they were all surface and no valuable content. The issue hast definitely not been addressed at all, since fanboys could only repeat “Brett said Averse Sefira was good!” again and again, without actually bringing forth any kind of argument in favour of the poor excuse of an ironic formulation these hoodie posers are.

Mein deep knowledge of UNIX und of other fascinating subjects will be now for this explicative endeavour used. Das present article will have been written amidst the gunfire und bloody entrails of the software programming environment. Like our antichrist Leader of olden times, Ich vill so dieses Schlachtfeld enter, as a mystic warrior into a cathedral of fire himself of this filthy weakness purifying.

1. Blasphomet Sin Abset

Blasphomet ist ein (superficially constructed and obvious) contraction of the words “blasphemy” und “Baphomet”. Außerdem, the Baphomet these guys are aping ist none other than the Eliphas Levi ridiculous kreationen für uns. Das ist gut, because we have to know our place, and Ich as a modern German must know my place better than anyone else. We will not accept any of our authentic roots, nor do we want that “original Baphomet”, described elsewhere as “mature, human woman, naked from the waist up, who holds in Her hand the bloodied severed head of a young human man.” Hail Averse Sefira for bowing down and knowing their place in accepting this safe-space occultism, and not the really defiant one that would endanger our caring society. We want to be rebels, aber not the kind that would really change things too much, or at all.

Sin is always, oder almost always, depending on how loosely we define the adverb of time in question, taken by Die Satanischen Horden des Sessels as a way to embrace Die Mutterkult des Juden, also known as Judeo-Christianity. This supports our reading of the first word in Averse Sefira’s inoffensively healthy first album, as the teenagers explored themselves safely away from any real danger, really satanic and —Jehova forbid— fascist. Hitler was a fascist and that means fascism is bad. He also liked Wagner, but Wagner ist gut und nice musik, so wir forgive it despite everything: even der Juden are appropriating and playing Wagner non-stop in plain Israel to the dismay of anti-Wagnerian fanatics.

Thirdly kommt the word “Abset”. Wir, in the programming supra-world, have knowledge of das ABSET as a declarative programming language that is great for a learning experience, and to get away from all this actual thinking. So, we can see how Averse Sefira is simply the propagandistic unit artist star who is forwarding the agenda of complacency of American-based Trumpian Reich institutions. Although the idea is not so far away from what wir here in Deutschland did under the watchful eye of die JudenMeister Merkel, it is wrong because Trump is kind of like Hitler: strange hair fashion und ein impulse to conquer the world through talks despite all the counter propaganda. As you can see, pre-UNIX ABSET has developed meine Verstand-Macht to unprecedented heights inaccessible to those outside our through-fire blessed Deutschland in service of Israel interests (we never miss our annual tribute quota to our masters).

Aber, was ist mit der Musik? Well, drums sind Schwach, aber vocals sind gut, und riffs sind sehr generik. All in all, it seems like a fun experience, as the rhythms keep changing in a way that makes hip-thrusting not only possible but enticing and satisfying to a degree not enjoyed enough by us. Still, wir must look over such sensual pleasures of the moment and understand alt diese Schwachness for what it really is: effeminate prancing with corpse paint and virtually non-existent understanding leading to aping and posing all over the place.

2. Homecoming’s March

Wann we look at this title, we immediately something nostalgic. Coming home, aber wovon? Wohin? Und so, in sein Buch, Warum? Woher? Aber Wohim?, Hans Grimm already im Jahre 1954 asked this very important question. The nonsense of title und musik, and the ridicule they make of actual black metal with real satanik aims, replacing it with gimmiky stupidity that leads nowhere, makes uns remember Grimm’s memories therein found:

“Ihr habt durch diesen wahnsinn vom 9 und 10 November den Nationalsozialismus und mich um viele Jahre aufgehalten, wenn nich überhaupt gebrochen.”
—Hans Grimm quoting Hitler as he reprimanded Goebbels for his actions on the signaled date. Warum? Woher? Aber Wohim?, edition 1955, p. 184.

Wir must also treat fake black metal apists like Averse Sefira for they also spoil and retard the work of black metal in its Satanic Supremacy aims. The advance of the ironic Texan punker must be stalled so that he does not soil the archetype.

Aber, was ist mit der Musik? There is not much to say here either, except that it is a slighter punkier and more fest-like attitude than the past album. It is a little like Demoncy on a happy-pill, thus producing more variety and content than Demoncy’s boring “codified demonic rumblings” that would love to be as good as Swedish black metal but really are not. Öfter als nicht diese musiks komm to my ears as LaVeyan orgiastic comedy of the unadultered tongue-in-cheek kind.

Averse Sefira shows us how an adult pretender to the Satanist path can become a retarded child. But tell me, meine Brüder, what das Kind kann do, which even the real Satanist could not do? Why must the predatory Satanist still become a child? Innocence is the child, and forgeting, a new beginning, a game, a self-defecating organism, a first movement, a soiled Yes to all this nonsense.

3. Battle’s Clarion

Wann we see this title and those songs in it, we know for sure that these Dummkopfs are aping and posing, and that they cannot possibly be serious. Who ar ethey to talk about any battles? Have any of them actually confronted Tod im Kampf und so overcome themselves, thus, in surviving, becoming Übermenschen? I think not, sweety pies.

“How, after all our battles, could he refuse me the right fo my country to live in honor? Our volunteers had won their dream: they had, in the event of German victory, resoundingly assured the rebirth and greatness of our people.”
—Leon Degrelle, Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front

Aber, was ist mit der Musik? Well, at first, it sounds like these guys started to listen to Voivod, while keeping their broken-record machine-gun meaningless riffiness going, and adding some breakdowns, könnte sein eine courtesy of their metalcore influences. In the face of all this deconstructivist Marxian thought composition, laugh out loud, meine Brüder. Here laugh, laugh, my hearty, healthy wickedness! From altars of madness cast down your glittering scorn-laughter! Allure für mich with your glittering the finest human filth!

4. Tetragrammatical Astygmata

Tetragrammaton, für all those of you ignorami who read not, is the mystic and sacred name of God, which ist also the four elements and the four levels of reality in various concentrations and coming-into-being from mind to gross matter, which we may also refer to as different “dimensions” in the popular sense of the word. The title is an attempt at being hilariously ironic and superior, while appropriating the terminology and turning things into an exercise in deconstruction and nothingness so that the songs’ pseudo kreatif messes of wordy bullshit sind all for a post-modernist masturbatory rite. I mean, I would definitely do this better than they, weil sie versuchen, alles um zukehren, by using the typical language of fat occultoidalburgereatingshams. Who do they think they are? Nietzsche?

Aber, was ist mit der Musik? We see the defecating approach of the huge turd of a record that comes later: The pretentious turd that seeks to be treated like a gourmet banquet now that the band has spent more than a decade fooling “atheist” black metal “fans” too smart for the mystic depths of “those crazies”. The music runs on and on, but nothing actually happens but the musicians deciding to pound in a different way, everything is just a show, a cool show, though. Ha! Shades und Hoodies für der Win!

5. Advent Parallax

Now we come to Der Turd Sturm that this album ist. Ist das what results from too much kabbala ritual menstruation eating fapping effeminate prancing? Ist das zu viel für ihre kleinen Gehirne? Ist das die Beleuchtung they are looking für? Vergisses their wordy superficiality, let’s look at some more relevant content in relation to real parallaxes in the real world outside poser Vorstellungen:

“Although his calculations were acceptable, Aristarchus could not explain how the Earth moved, since nothing was pushing it along, and prevailing Aristotelian theory required continuous application of a force to explain continuous movement. Nor could he explain why there was no observed stellar parallax unless the stars were infinitely far away, and taht additional hypothesis seemed ad hoc and ludicrous.”
—Patricia Smith Churchland, Neurophilosophy: Toward a Unified Science of the Mind/Brain

Fuck yeah, poser ludicrous hypothesis black metal is what describes Averse Sefira. Like Aristotle, Averse Sefira are rationalizing ignoramii that reduce great and imperious reality to the tiny dimensions they are used to contemplating in. Mundane filth and utter stupidity, just like the countless riffs without heads or tail, without beginning or end, just fapping for the deconstructive ironicity of the Shades und Hoodie posers.

Aber, was ist mit der Musik? ZzzzzZZZzz As one my favorite musicians once wrote: “Wake me up, before you go…”

666. Endgültige Lösung

We can einige methods that will soon end Averse Sefira’s punishmentofearswithmediocrebutpretentiouspseudoblackmetalmusiken suggest. We take cue from British expert black propagandist and Juden media who creatively provided many ideas for extermination of great numbers of people. Their ideas were so successful that they were immortalized by Hollywood, perpetuating those heart-warming De Sade style degradations that Freud and his kind always love under all their academic pretension. A decades-long hit, we can implement these dark fantasy ideas for the first time in reality for the decimating of Averse Sefira’s putrid defecations:

1. Take Averse Sefira’s albums away from their owners with the excuse of having to give them a shower in crowded room, and never bring them back. Of course some albums may survive by moving backwards and later telling the story of the poisonous affair, but that cannot be avoided for the moment. The War Machine must keep moving!

2. Forcefully collect Averse Sefira’s records in all formats, melt them down and turn them into skin-carvings of Satan and raw material for soaps to be used by actual black metal musicians for the washing off of the corpse paint. Make them useful to the good cause of black metal for a change!

3. Deploy Mobile Killing Units to knock and doors, finding Averse Sefira material wherever they are, and then lining up said Averse Sefira material and mowing it down with machine guns. This would be fun but not result in un profitieren!

4. Sew the bodies of two Averse Sefira albums together surgically as if they were the monster twins of unproven legend. Although some might survive to write incredibly poetic and talented accounts for their age, it is all worth the fun. Take songs from all the albums, select them down to just 7 of them and burn them into discs randomly. The result will probably just resemble another, indistinguishable Averse Sefira record.

* Be sure to get at least 6 million of the records; or at least 1.2, put it on an official plaque, and then randomly account for the rest through rationalizations. In the worst of cases, get some 200,000 odd, but encourage the tale to be told again and again until it reproduces and grows out of proportion. Not many Averse Sefira recordings actually were born but they should be all rounded-up like all 151 of das Pokémon.

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47 thoughts on “Warum ist Averse Sefira sehr Schwach?”

  1. Psychic Psych Toad says:

    The author projects himself into his writings, Averse Sefira is a metaphor of himself.

    1. Meta-toad says:

      The commenter projects himself into his writings, Raimund Weiner is a metaphor of himself.

      1. Raimund Weiner is a metaphor of us all. He is the everyman, empowered by technology, attempting to make sense of his human milieu and possibly, the expanding universe beyond.

        I still like Averse Sefira. Clearly, Homecoming’s March is a favorite, but most bands put their clearest big thoughts onto their first albums and spend the next three trying to understand what they hit upon. Compared to almost all USBM, this is one of the top bands, and one of the more imaginative ones, one might say.

        1. Thewaters says:

          Brett, you’re a poseur….. Leave the hall

        2. Rainer Weikusat says:

          Raimund Weiner is a metaphor of us all. He is the everyman, empowered by technology, attempting to make sense of his human milieu and possibly, the expanding universe beyond.

          That’s just a clown trying to torpedo meaningful communication because of his manic hatred for everyone but himself talking.

          1. Seth says:

            I was going to say contrarian pseudoelitism. It seems every time there’s an article intended as a rebuttal/counterreview to a previous article these gremlins come out to hop around their culture hero of the day, basically reiterating what the original writer said in dumber terms, but sprinkled with profanity (or dinglish) in attempt to disguise the fact.

            1. “Profanity”, hahaha

              Seth, huh? That’s a Jude name, I mean, “biblical” name, right?

          2. Svmmoned says:

            Look at it this way: you have inspired someone to write such crafty article.

          3. you're gay says:


    2. Please, teach me says:

      Wow! No, shit? Please, go on, Mr. Freud.

      1. Pleasures of der ANUS says:

        We have met der Juden, die Juden sind wir.

  2. Brah-min says:

    Pretty good article compared to majority of Mr Maraat’s postings.

  3. Donald Trump says:

    This is exactly the kind of hard-hitting journalism Americans expect from DMU. Great job. MAGA.

  4. Obergruppenführer says:

    Oh dear, how embarrassing.

  5. I Am the Black Mages says:

    I guess it’s not cool to like Averse Sefira now, I should conform. Though I’m still waiting to hear why. There are only real complaints about the lyrical content, there is no in-depth critique of the music just Hit Parade or Terrorizer magazine-level reviews: AS is Bad, AS is Poseur. AS sounds like Voivod. At least Brett Stevens wrote about the actual music not just the style and lyrics and makeup. There are critiques to be made of AS but these recent “reviews” are base. Now tell me who the saviours of metal are this week Terrorizer.

    1. I Sacrificed My ANUS To Brett Stevens says:

      Ist trve.

  6. Deport All Hipsters says:


  7. whatever is dead says:

    go step on a landmine

  8. you're gay says:

    i will continue to enjoy Averse Sefira

    from all the untermenschen: thanks for writing an article anyway brainman! you’re a true inspiration!

  9. This band was alright until I watched that interview where one of them says “trees don’t pay taxes”.

    1. you're gay says:


      1. Butt Pirate says:

        Dead men tell no tails.

    2. Altarboyz N Da Hood says:

      Sounds pretty bizarre and nonsensical out of context.

  10. Anthony says:

    Sad to see the formerly great ANUS descend into the hipster faggotry they claim so ardently to hate.

    1. Seth says:

      I’d say going from transcendent to reactionary might be more appropriate. Politics should never have been involved.

    2. Normies be everywhere.

  11. matters says:

    Holy Hell that was unreadable! I’ll go listen to Tetragrammatical Astygmata now…

  12. Imposition says:

    This gave me cancer

  13. Cheesedick says:

    I cum to this site to find death metal, and instead I find random faggotry.

  14. KingdomGone says:

    I couldn’t read more than 10 words of this.

  15. Trashchunk says:

    I live in the south and listen to Judas Priest while drinking beer.


  17. Shawn says:

    Any profundity this article might exude is curtailed immediately by the nonsensical pseudo Denglisch maraudings, a befouling extrusion of ignominious refuse that embarrasses the reader’s intellect and insults his patience. Try as I might to glean information of any consequence, I am inadvertently stopped every sentence or so to marvel at the inane and jejune writing–all the while wondering if the journalists at deathmetal.org ever care to proofread the articles they publish, especially those seemingly written by middle schoolers that have for the first time realized Mein Kampf exists.

    I began using DMU daily to as a means to encounter music of a higher quality than the garbage espoused by MetalSucks. There was a time when I believed this site to be superior, though articles of such sanctimonious and puerile magnitude as this (among many others, often containing a mere paragraph of no effort) have demonstrated otherwise. If this article has satiric intentions, it has failed totally and miserably as one must be able to endure the text long enough to discover its intent. If this article is serious, however, I must concede the material here is no better than than the aforementioned SJW outlet.

    I expect better from a website that commands so much traffic, particularly one that claims to be the voice of a supposed Death Metal Elite demagogue. I’m sure I will return due to habit and curiosity, but until such time as any reasonable clarity enshrines the hands that type these scrofulous articles I must acquiesce looking for more informative and enlightening compositions.

    1. Seth says:

      Check out praefuscusferrum.com and olddisgruntledbastard.com if you haven’t already. It’s all the quality reviews and philosophical excogitation this site used to have in greater profusion.

      1. Praefuscus Ferrum is entirely about occultism and how metal relates to it rather than musical elitism despite occasional reviews to that purpose. Old Disgruntled Bastard is frankly, mostly a death metal nostalgia blog but I still read it.

        1. ODB says:

          In my defense, I would like to say that being *only* a review blog seems a tedious job today. Brett had it easy considering the era he wrote in, when every other band was spitting out classic or at least solid, decent albums. Which is not to take away from his writing or the novel insight with which he dissected those albums, or indeed the perspicuity needed to detect those albums in the first place. But the job of a modern metal writer, if he is honest to himself, is far more difficult. Part of it has to be cultivating nostalgia and appreciation for a past which recedes ever more rapidly into oblivion. The other half is to keep the flame kindled, however low an ebb it might be at. So you basically hold on to the dregs while reliving a glorious past. Of the albums I have talked of, ones this audience will relate to, I will reccommend the following:

          R’lyeh -In the Infernal Moment
          Into Oblivion – Creation of a Monolith
          Prosanctus Inferi – Noctambulant Jaws of Sempiternal Night
          Cruciamentum – Charnel Passages
          Zealotry – The Last Witness

          That’s about it, really. I’ve written with positive intention about many others, but these are the ones that leap out right now and which I can defend with conviction. Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

          For those who like the Desecresy style of DM, I would recommend they give Ominous Crucifix – Spell of Damnation a try. Works along much the same lines as Bolt Thrower and Vore, minus the Finnish trappings, and with more “punch”.

          1. Hunting through promotional material and new releases is a chore that must be done. The problem is that distracts me from listening and writing about the past, which is more enjoyable but requires more effort to write about to not repeat myself or the words of others.

            I’ll have to check out R’lyeh, Ominous Crucifix, and the second Prosanctus Inferi album. Not a big fan of the other bands, preferring Cromlech over Into Oblivion.

            All these terrible bands need to stay in their garages and not release anything. I think the oversaturation is probably a logical result of the “Everyone Gets a Trophy” generation’s weak minds combined with cheap recording software and interfaces.

      2. Shawn says:

        Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into them at the first opportunity.

        1. Are you autistic?

        2. whatever is dead says:

          you should do some pussygazing at the first opportunity

    2. The OUTRAGE says:

      Yes, I demand the authors to tell me if this is SATIRE or A SERIOUZ ARTIKLE!
      Anything else in between is frankly confusing.
      Besides, if an article is not easy to read and comfy for me, it must be bullshit!

      1. you're gay says:

        i agree! i more conserve my brain energy for more demanding things like boutique porn@!



      2. whatever is dead says:

        well it ain’t redwall or goosebumps

      3. liquid evil (diarrhea) says:

        Aw, shit out my ass! Shit on the masses! Shit everywhere!

  18. neutronhammer says:

    Meine Gute, was ist denn hurt passiert

  19. Hector Pilar (Extreme Chilean Metal) says:

    True metalheads listen to everything!

    1. Seth says:

      I’m sure they do. Though this is a site for Hessians, not metalheads. Refer here ==> http://www.deathmetal.org/article/why-im-a-hessian-and-not-a-metalhead/

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