When the Fear of Nazi Monsters Ruins Music Appreciation

Ever since the rise of leftist politicization of metal, there has been rising hysteria over a secret Nazi fifth column lurking within the metal community, ready to spring out of the shadows and attempt a world takeover. This is due to the effects of the corrupt mainstream media portraying everyone opposed to their Marxist agenda such as President Donald Trump, reincarnation of Hitler with the majority of America seeing through their psychotic imagined orange Fuhrer. But for the millions of citizens that will buy into whatever the mainstream sells them, including the scenesters of indie rock, this narrative maddens them to the point of belief that the entire Republican/Libertarian/Conservative movement is the spiritual sequel to the Axis Powers. This is immaculately articulated in a review buried deep within scenester shill blog No Clean Singing’s attempt to set the world record for “most metal bands reviewed ever.”

In this article we have a review of Heresiarch‘s “Storming Upon Knaves” describing the music, offering some biographical information, and listing the bands tour dates. Simple music article, right? Well given that No Clean Singing’s audience are mostly liberal newbie hipsters and failed musicians, every single one of the article’s fifteen comments (at the time of this writing) debate whether or not the band are Nazis without any discussion over the actual sound. With many trying to prove or disprove the bands Nazi connection, some are terrified of the possibility of Nazi affiliation and as a result are afraid to give the music a chance.

Folks, this is propaganda at its finest. The left is reliving the Red Scare of the 1950’s through its updated version: the Nazi scare. Heresiarch have made no political statements, have published no Nazi lyrics (or for that matter any lyrics) and certainly did not fight for Germany in World War II. However this phobia of evil Nazi zombies rising from the grave has paralyzed these readers to the point of being unable to discuss the music. Ironically (and hilariously) these same readers are eager to gobble up Neil Jameson’s articles after Krieg has used the N-word on an album sleeves and interviews and after Neil’s Pagan Front band Weltmacht was featured on an actual National Socialist black metal compilation. In fairness, Neil has since backtracked from his racist and anti-Semitic remarks, but so has Rob Darken.

As liberal hypocrisy continues to regress logic, the ability to view music and art as abstractions open to interpretation has been lost. The beauty of a band like Hersiarch not posting their lyrics leaves the music to be open to be interpreted any way that a listener chooses. But sadly some listeners, like the readers of No Clean Singing, will always need their opinions fed to them.

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31 thoughts on “When the Fear of Nazi Monsters Ruins Music Appreciation”

  1. piss piss says:

    I thought Krieg wasn’t Aryan.

    1. Hdjsjsjsamakpflddbsvafakapsjgdkallaajhdhdhssksksbsbsvshsjsj says:


      1. Duncan O'doyle-Bryent-O'Harah-Donovan says:

        POTATO NIGGER!!!

  2. aol instant messenger says:

    America has a rich history of moral panic.
    it goes something like this:
    pre-1900s: witches
    1940s: communists
    1980s: satanism
    00s-10s: nazis

    These marxist pearl-clutchers aren’t real people, they’re just borgs entranced by the swinging pendulum, continuing the flow.

    I’ve always been a little disappointed by the LACK of nazi lyrics in most NSBM albums. I have to go to Angry Aryans and Nordic Thunder and stuff like that to get my fix of knuckle-dragging jew-bashing & sieg-heiling

    1. Fratnir says:

      The “panic” against communists wasn’t unjustified. They literally did infiltrate US society and government. McCarthyism was proven right.

  3. Weltmacht says:

    Aside from the obvious ideological bent, something that doesn’t often get brought up about the proliferation of these types of articles is just how easy they are to write. That’s one reason why you see all these articles on MetalSucks, Invisible Oranges, VICE, etc., about these fucking boring atmospheric sludge metal bands (or whatever) and their “struggle” to be accepted because they’re women/Muslims/trannies/blah blah blah. It’s just easier and less time-consuming to generate content of this type than it is to actually research a band, listen to the music, describe the music, review the music, and compare it to other similar offerings. Same with the “Nazi” panic articles. Why bother seriously reviewing something potentially objectionable (like relatively benign bands of dubious seriousness like Marduk, Behemoth, Shining, or Taake) when it’s so much easier and faster to pump out article after article breathlessly commenting on how problematic they all are? It’s like the article MetalSucks put out “apologizing” for their previously favorable coverage of Emperor despite the fact that Emperor is or was filled with racists, homophobes, murderers, and arsonists. What possible relevance could that have considering the band hasn’t put out a non-live or non-compilation album in over 15 years? None, but it’s an easy article to write.

  4. Phil says:

    “I want my art to be extreme, but not offensive”.

  5. canadaspaceman says:

    the commies/jews created the slur word “nazi” in the 1930’s to belittle the National Socialists.
    EVERY time some jerk says that word, it stirs uo feelings they don’t want I bet.

    I am Slavic and I owe my existence to the German army and airforce that saved my father (and his townsfolk) when they were being forced to dig their own mass grave by their jew captors in a real fucking death camp, not the pretend ones everybody thinks the Krauts had.
    Oh, and why isn’t it in the history books that commie russian JEWS invaded Poland in 1938 ???

    1. Angry Garden Gnome says:

      I thought you were some ethnic canuckian named Andrèe, or something.

    2. fenrir says:

      You are not alone in this awareness… we are just silent.

  6. canadaspaceman says:

    *it stirs up

  7. Anon. says:

    Maybe they don’t discuss Heresiarch’s music because it is boring? And maybe some people don’t want to support music with Nazi affiliations, which is their right after all.

    1. Altars of Boyz 'N the Hood of Madness says:

      But you SHOULD want to support bands with Nazi affiliations, my nigga.
      Or else you’re a shill for the SJW media.

    2. Rainer Weikusat says:

      If they wouldn’t be supporting the band because they don’t like the music, anyway, why would they care political opinions the band members might or might not hold? It’s usually safe to assume that people want what the outcome of their actions happens to be: In this case, this would be planting unfounded rumours (almost certainly anonymously) about “some guys from Australia”.

    3. Billgoat says:

      people should support metal bands or just bands period if they’re good and original musicians and good metal music of quality regardless of what their beliefs or subject matter are, and reject and not support bands with less or no quality and originality- who suck, regardless of the bands beliefs or subject matter and opinions, and the listener shouldn’t support bands just because said bands share their opinions or not support a band for those same reasons(religiously or non relobviously regardless of religious, spiritual and philosophical inclinations of band or listener, regardless of political opinions and so on as well). Support bands that make quality metal music or quality music and art period and reject those that don’t. I’d much rather show support to a band whose opinions I don’t share if they make quality metal/music/art – good music. And not support or not support as much bands whose music is of less or no quality and/or originality even if they have similar opinions to me otherwise. Good metal/music/art is good metal/music/art, shifty metal/music/art is shifty metal/music/art.

  8. Hdjsjsjsamakpflddbsvafakapsjgdkallaajhdhdhssksksbsbsvshsjsj says:

    Barney from Napalm Death looks like a soccer mom

  9. Anthony says:

    There actually was a major problem with communist infiltrators in the state department, and the entertainment industry has always been a far left cesspool dedicated to tearing down Western civilization. The so-called “Red Scare” was based entirely in fact.

  10. GGALLIN1776 says:

    Hysteria? I am the sixth column. They really are fucking retarded though.

    Yesterday I stopped by an antique store to search for a decent “golden era” (1970-1980) HIFI amp & some Third Reich goods, while there was no HIFI to speak of, I found some medals.

    One a mother’s cross (blue & white cross with swastika in the center) and some knock off Juli 20th 1944 medal. I talked to the owner for a while about collecting & not once did the stupid ” oh i collect but don’t believe in this crap” or did any sort of pc apologizing occur.


    Every other dealer i’ve gone to does their “mandatory”, “Ya know I don’t follow this crap & I feel what they did was just horrible…I feel so bad for der juden…sometimes I just want to throw it all out but I need the money”. They sound like undercover rabbis.

    1. Rectal Thermometryst says:

      In what city did you find such a shop?

    2. Angry Garden Gnome says:

      How many jews have you infected with AIDS?

  11. canadaspaceman says:

    I am usually even tempered, I even open doors for non-whites that I perceive as not a threat, because in the past there have been non-whites that helped me. Not everybody has this awareness of who is evil though.
    Until I started going online again around 10 years ago, I did not think about race and politics, but only if I had work shifts that allowed me to be home to watch wrestling.
    No wonder Microsoft shut down their A.I. , as not only the internet pushed the NWO, but also gives equal time to The True.

  12. Necronomeconomist says:

    Have you niggas heard about this craziness in Portland, Oregon, USA?
    On the subway, a man was haranguing 2 Muslim-looking women. 2 dudes stepped to him, and he stabbed them to death.
    It fucks with me that several of you are probably rock-hard for this shit, about to venerate this degenerate dummy as a martyr and hero… much as you did the coward Dylann Roof for sneaking into a church basement and murdering 9.


    Watch this video, at the end, the retard announces “I’M A NIHILIST! I’M A NIHILIST!”
    lol die Nazi scum! https://twitter.com/itsmikebivins/status/858400860325281792

    1. Rainer Weikusat says:

      All that’s left to do now is to come up with another reason wy Varg Vikernes needs to be arrested because of this, right?

    2. Free2kill says:

      Captain America is at it again!

    3. Billgoat says:

      your entire post/argument is just a defamatory, presumptuous, hyperbolic false accusation Strawman. But at least your handle/name is unique and cool, Ill give you points for that.

    4. canadaspaceman says:

      because a LONE white guy, crazy or not, takes out some people, that should make us cry? there are non-white GANGS that kidnap / rape / kill and sell people into slavery every day, so ONE “dangerous” guy that made the news means what ?
      Everybody should be thankful that real hard times for everybody are not here just yet.
      There would not be just a few dying, but apartment buildings and neighborhoods full of bipeds if the right folks wanted to do it.

  13. Rainer Weikusat says:

    I disagree with the ‘lyrics’ bit: Poetry is as ‘open to interpretation’ as music and will mean different things to different people. I prefer lyrics being published and actually even read them.

  14. Steve says:

    People forget that metal is about shock value, not being PC. Metal is supposed to be like a horror movie. One thing that’s weird is how they can put Nazis in every Indiana Jones movie , and that’s fine , but if you did the same thing with metal you would have majors issues.

    Society lacks a sense of humor about metal, partly because metal has lost its sense of humor about itself. After the year 2000 metal tried to become cool , instead of accepting that its the form of expression for societal misfits.

  15. Steve says:

    We see this with horror films too. If you were making a horror film everyone expects it to have evil in it . But when Ozzy Osborne made albums with horror themes in it Congress held hearings and the public fell into a heavy metal Satanism hysteria.
    Meanwhile , gangster rap is glorified by the media, despite the fact that its ushered in an era of urban violence which is unprecedented in cities like Chicago (which have a great history of violence).

  16. I never recovered from Angra's split says:

    A real Nazi threat for a change : http://www.zeit.de/kultur/2017-05/bundeswehr-franco-a-terrorgruppe-wehrmacht-weimarer-republik

  17. Billgoat says:

    I agree. But don’t make the error of confusing liberalism(in its true classical sense) with cultural Marxism and “progressivism” of the Orwellian FAR regressive left SJWs, etc- these are all fundamentally ILLIBERAL and set–liberal(though some of them may misuse the term “liberal” to describe their views). For the record I myself am a classical liberal though I tend to prefer the label “libertarian centrist”(and “cultural libertarian”). The modern center(not far) right conservatives as well as centrists and center(not far) left – at least if they prefer libertarian principles/inclinations over authoritarian ones- are ALL the inheritors of the ideals and principles of classical(original/true) liberalism

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