L.V.X. Occulta

Raw, sloppy, evil....very avant-garde and strange during some sections. Martyrium, a fairly new German band, produce some very sloppy sounding (I say that in a good way) and somewhat strange feeling black metal. While not going over the edge in terms of experimentation, this group of 4 does do some interesting stuff ala Nastrond. When I refer to Nastrond, I'm simply mentioning that there is some confusing drumming, riffs that seem to follow no pattern's or scales, and experimentation that can't be described (such as strange lyrics) that the before mentioned Swedes do that can be compared to this band. Besides following the basic raw pattern, Martyrium also have a fairly large dosage of...Destruction (!!) in their riffs. Coming from Germany, this is an obvious rub-off, and does show itself very heavily in some sections, especially a few of the more *rocking* ones. Vocals are a tad deeper in feel, sort of like the one's found upon Darkthrone's "Goatlord" album (hehe, another LP that seems to have a great deal of connections to this one..) and are run through what seems like an echo chamber at the end of each sentence. Drums are as messy as all hell, but because of this sound like they know what's going on, as if the drummer is trying to confuse us. Strange, somewhat original, created to be hated by so many of you, but most verily enjoyed by myself.

1997 brand