Demo '96

Upon inserting thy nose into this demos linear notes one shall find: "ZINES: Do NOT write!, Do NOT send interviews!, Do NOT review this tape!, NO band contact!". Well...too bad for them because here comes a review:

Bekhira are from France (joy!), play black metal, and are actually quite good at it. These bastards are not unlike various other un-original bands out there that simply one day say: "Screw it, we'll never come up with anything original, let's just play some killer metal". And they do just that:). The band is itself comprised of three creepy looking creatures in corpse paint, all of whom know how to come up with some well-played music. These cretins can fit themselves into other bands styles such Osculum Infame, but they quite verily play a much cleaner, finer produced style of blackened crankiness than their brothers. Fast, simple (yet nicely'll know what they sound like when you hear them) and filled with various keyboard parts to add atmosphere, we're treated to a well-done demo. Vocals are fairly standard, yet a tad bit deeper in sound to some bands (I'm referring to the basic rasp here), and get the job nicely done. Pro tape and cover, buy this if you can, or check out their split demos with such bands as Osculum Infame.

Contact (not the band, but their distro):
centre MBE 175
82, rue Jeanne d'Arc
76000 ROUEN

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