Legion Of Doom
Kingdom of Endless Darkness
[Soundphaze International Recordings]

Before getting to the music, I think it's fairly important to discuss the packaging on this particular release. On the outside it seems like a fairly generic piece of black-metal, but upon inserting thy nose into the CD booklet, one may notice something most metal releases don't have-a sticker covering a part of the rear of the booklet, and the entire booklet glued together. Well, being the investigative type, I decided to peel off the sticker and pry open the booklet. Under the sticker is a lovely swastika/pentagram symbol, and inside the booklet is a large swastika with the slogan: (which I could not completely reveal without ripping the packaging) "Whaterver Christian is a fucking Jew". Obviously these boys had a small amount of difficulty getting proper distribution, and attempted to conceal their "mistake". Idiots if you ask me (stick with an ideology if your going to go so far I say). Anyways the music here really is as silly as one would expect. Boring, repetitive riffs, one-beat drumming, and generic, boring vocals. Besides "The Desecration" (which starts via a generic "atmospheric" clean guitar riff) all of the songs can generally sound the same upon a first listen. And the vocals-ugghh!-repetitive, fairly deep growling spewing forth nothing but pure boredom. I can not and will not recommend this release to anyone but die hard collectors.

1997 brand