The Eastern Forces of Evil
(Live '92-'96)
[Order Of Death]

Well...what can really be said about this CD? It's for the most part not a Sigh CD, mainly because it's just a collection of rehearsals/live shows (although it does not seem too live), and for the most part is just a mass of Venom covers. I've heard that live Sigh enjoy doing Venom covers; mainly because they don't use the synth important part of their music obviously. Thus, this is mainly a recording for collectors, and should be purchased if only a Sigh/Venom fan, or for mere collective purposes.

As silly as it sounds, I've basically summed up the entire album with that first paragraph. Imagine about 10 Venom covers, done with poor sound quality and a few Sigh tracks without synth/pianos. Although it does seem most unappealing, it really is a solid album of pure and total metal. It's kind of nice to hear some of the Sigh tracks (such as the excellent "Beyond Centuries") stripped down to their core, without any extra production or instruments added on top. And the Venom covers, even though as simple as all hell, are fairly well done. Thus, if you're a Sigh fan, and of course a Venom fan, than by all means check this out. It also contains some simple, yet nicely done live pictures of Sigh throughout the packaging.

1997 brand