Bolt Thrower
[Metal Blade]

Why oh why does Metal Blade not concentrate more on great death metal bands like Bolt Thrower and Immolation? Why do they even fucking waste their time trying to jump into a trend that they're five years to take even the smallest advantage of? This is of course in reference to their awful black metal signings: Hecate Enthroned, Dark Funeral….Ancient (fuck off!).

Since their second LP, Bolt Thrower really hasn't changed their style TOO drastically. If you've heard anything from this lot, and enjoyed it, you'll appreciate this album. One thing that truly sticks out though it the excellent production. After listening to the album a few times, I listened to the second and third LPs right after. They sound very muffled and quiet compared to this!

The first and final tracks are easily my favorites. The final tracks is one of their greatest moments since "Eternal War". Fuck! It's absolutely devastating! Especially half way through the song when this huge riff arrives and takes over the music! Sheer agony! Arghhh!! Bolt Thrower fucking destroy!!!!

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