Supreme Immortal Art

This is a semi-review. I'm not quite sure what to think about this lot anymore....they were an interesting band, and I quite enjoy all of their releases. It's also impressive how they've stayed _decently_ away from the sickening media/etc, while churning out releases at drunken speeds. I guess some of them work in record shops/are unemployed/etc, so they obviously have a good deal of time on their hands :)

The last mCD, "Apokalypse" was quite violent and enjoyable if you were to ask me. Most people put it off as something they quickly did to fill a hole in their contract, or simply a few songs they put together after one too many drinks. It was a drastic change of style though, and no real "impressive" melodies/etc. were created, simply harsh and interesting black metal.

THIS on the other hand is a jump backwards (or forwards depending on your tastes). After about 4 listens I've basically admitted to myself that the CD is a disappointment, and easily my least favourite from their CD library. Everything here reeks of the melodies entwined with the synth work that was found on "Nachthymnen" (a good album by all means). High pitched melodic riffs picked at a fast pace, drums are more in the background then the last mCD or "Opus IV", and a return to the more raspy vocal style (something I prefer actually).

Sadly, a great deal of the songs really go nowhere :( Some of them seem like a mass of melodic and tight riffs just combined without any thought. The synth work (sounding like a piano at times) zips back and forth, overtaking the guitars at times, and employing a much needed sombre feel. There is a good deal of power in some of the songs, and a few are even quite nicely depressing, but for the most part they are less than memorable. They seem to be going for a more "battle" feel here, since a few of the moments are a combination between medieval/triumphant riffs. I also enjoyed the more bizarre moments they added...much harsher non-musical spoken parts, strange synth effects...and female operatic chants (??).

This is just more Abigor in their most generic and uninteresting form. Nothing really special, chaotic, hateful, or enlightening; the type of CD you listen to while reading or sleepy. A grand disappointment simply because: it's a collection of songs that sound like a better produced version of the throwaway "Nachthymnen" tracks. 40 minutes long btw.

1997 brand