[Eternal Art/Metal Agen]

Oh boy, the keyboards are all over this thing. These guys don't know when to stop. Each song is literally soaked in high-flying, ultra-symphonic keyboard drivel. Actually, drivel is too mild of a word to describe this. It is more like a non-stop stream of keyboard diarrhoea. I can try to be objective and say that if you are a lover of keyboard-saturated black metal (Limbonic Art etc.), then you might actually like this, but let's be honest here: this is not a good album. This stuff does absolutely nothing for me. These elaborate and seemingly impressive, but emotionally hollow keyboard arrangements, whose only real purpose is to decorate the band's hackneyed riffing and make it sound more appealing, become annoying and trite very, very fast. Yes, the keyboardist knows how to use his instrument well, but his technical skill is meaningless when the music is so impotent. Who needs this when there are bands out there who actually know how to use keyboards to create evocative moods instead of obliterating them. This, on the other hand, doesn't make me feel anything. Flooding your music with layers and layers of abominable synth passages in order to conceal your lack of talent is not such a clever idea after all, despite what countless purveyors of crappy, keyboard-dripping cheese metal would have us believe. Kids, please don't try this at home.

2001 boris