Are You Excrements?

Are you excrements? That is a credible question as far as the guys from CSSO are concerned. But I guess that's what happens when your level of insanity is left unchecked for too long. CSSO, which stands for Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ, are formally a part of the grindcore scene. Please note the word "formally," because as soon as I looked at the album's cover with its psychedelic overtones, at the song titles like "Cosmic Super Strong Ordure" or "Diversion Of Former Customary Trite Composition," and at the actual number of songs (six), it became painfully obvious that somewhere (in this case Japan) the shit hit the proverbial fan yet again.

This is another one of those eccentric bands, which Japan seems to be infested with, who get off on messing with minds of the unsuspecting listeners. CSSO have probably been locked away their entire lives with nothing to listen to but 70's rock and psychedelia. Here is my theory of what happened to them next. Just a few years ago the band finally came out of isolation in order to record an album when someone happened to toss several contemporary grindcore records their way along with a Japanese Noise album or two, after hearing which the band went into the state of shock and suffered a case of temporary amnesia. When they eventually came back to their senses, things remained a little hectic inside their heads, but the guys decided to go into a studio anyway and record an album, which became known as "Are You Excrements?"

Grind-rock is the easiest way to define this music. Previously, I read a couple of reviews of this album, which gave me an impression that CSSO was a grindcore band with some rock influences. But after hearing it myself, I concluded that these guys are more of a wacked out rock band with grind influences. The songs range from three to twelve minutes in length, on the course of which the band rock, roll, make noise, growl and shift gears every way imaginable, using funk rhythms and jazzy syncopation to unhinge things even further. At the end, it all leaves you quite perplexed and disoriented, but not in an unpleasant way, although that will ultimately depend on how broad-minded the listener is.

This is obviously a bizarre album, and the fact that this band was not ostracized from the grind scene but accepted as a part of it is bizarre all in itself.

2001 boris