Pandemonic Incantations


Now let's toss a few things into the open: Behemoth _were_ for sure one of the most impressive (in my eyes at least) black metal bands to ever exist. Their first few releases are still incredible to listen to (such as the excellent "And the Forests..."), SO incredible in fact that I'll admit that I've listened to those early releases THOUSANDS of times.

Looking at the present though, "Grom" was a _huge_ departure from their original style, and although quite sloppy, still a quality listen. Their last mCD showcased an even larger change of style, but I still appreciated the new track "With Spell of Inferno...", simply because it "rocked". Now before this album, Behemoth's newest full length, was ever released, I started to worry. People told me they had become more "commercial". I read of comments that Nergal had made, which were for the most part enough to make a person most disgruntled. I decided to avoid picking up the album, until someone traded it to me for something I no longer needed. My hopes (or fears?) were quite vehemently lived up to!

The first thing I noticed about this album is the great production. This can be a good thing in some cases, and for the most part, allows the music to shine. This would have been a great thing, except for one problem: The music is incredibly boring (not including Mr.Inferno's ultra technical and brutal drumming)!!! Behemoth no longer sound like Behemoth! They sound like a near perfect combination between newer Emperor and Enslaved. "Ah, but Nergal's hateful vocals are still there, no?". NO! His vocals have changed even more since "Grom", and are now a stale, boring, and have a near spoken sound to them. This really drags the music down by the way...

I could pick at this album for hours (such as one line in the lyrics: "I am Gordon, my name is annihilation": who the fuck is "Gordon"???), but it's really quite simple if you need a clear idea of this album. If you are a fan of older Behemoth, if you worship the hateful aura of "And the Forests" (although some of the similar solos from this are on this album), the morbid feel of the demos, or the "colder" fell of previous releases, you will hate this. I mean you will REALLY hate this. On the other hand, if you'd like a fairly Norwegian sounding black metal album (such as the new Emperor) with a flawless production, excellent playing skill, and whatnot, you will really enjoy this. I on the other hand will probably not listen to this again...another band down the drain IMO.

1997 brand