Til Evighet...
[Head Not Found]

This CD has been out for quite a while now (since 1995, to be exact), but I wanted to review it because you really never hear anything about this band, which is a shame. This disc is just great, and it's the kind of stripped-down Norwegian black metal that few bands seem capable of performing nowadays.

Musically, Trelldom treads the Darkthrone path of minimalistic black metal, and they pull it off quite well. The vocals vary from high-pitched wails of agony to low, unique sounding growls. The vocal style adds a lot of variation to the music, and the whole affair ends up sounding very cold and haunting. In addition to this the songs are rather short, so the album never really becomes boring. The production is somewhat thin and cold sounding, and works very well for this type of music.

Realistically, I could go on about this CD for much longer, but I'll cut this short by saying that it's one of those gems that has unfortunately been overlooked by most, and that I would recommend it to those of you looking for cold, grim black metal. Hopefully the band is still active (I've heard recent rumors of a new record deal) and will release a long overdue follow-up to this great album.

1998 baalberith