[independent/demo 96]

Abyssum are from....Guatemala???? Where is Guatemala? What language do they speak there? What do the people look like? What is the culture like? Isn't it just some jungle with various tribes people running around. I'm terribly sorry (and quite ignorant), but I really don't know the smallest thing about this country.

Apparently black metal has found it's way over there of course. This is nice obviously, since over time various conditions in various countries may create new and interesting music. Abyssum don't exactly do that, but they still aren't all that bad. Rather good actually, especially for an incredibly low budget demo.

Yes, the ever so popular Emperor influence is here. Much more raw though, and with some nastier and less "easy" vocals. The drumming is quite good and recorded nicely for something that was probably done on an eight track built out of mud and bark. There's an occasional acoustic bit here and there (heavily classically influenced), loads of decent synth work, and of course some fuzzy guitar noise in the background.

I sort of like this. Obviously the guys down at Southern Hellish Productions (Baxaxaxa, Noctis Invocat) did as well. Apparently they will release the band's debut CD "Thy Call" quite soon. Truly incredible in some bizarre sense that I can't describe (not the music). And yes, I will look into where this country is...

Patiently awaiting Black Metal from Central Africa, Iran, and the moon....

Dark Lord Ebvleb
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