By Fire, Power Shall Be…
[AMSG '97]

After the failed Dark Sanctuary CD, Osculum Infame/Bekhira split CD, and who knows what else, AMSG finally give us a non-demo release. And it's a good product by all means. Seth are of course a French black metal band, and probably have had the best support in the world from none other than..Darkthrone. Yes, this is the band that Fenriz says "hallo" to in the "Goatlord" linear notes. They'll probably sell more CDs then they deserve because of that though.

Ah, I probably worded that incorrectly. Seth deserve to sell CDs. One, because they've released a quality CD and kept in underground, and two because the music is quite good. Nothing truly incredible, but if you'd like a faster version of say, Primordial (in terms of powerful black metal), then this will be your cup of tea.

There's some really well done riffs and drum work on the album for sure. This at times creates a triumphant atmosphere, and combined with the much more "laid back" feel of the album (created via the acoustic guitars)….well you'll probably like it at least. It's a very appealing album.

Naturally things step into the realms of cheese every so often, but the warm and thick feel of the production, excellent song arrangements, and generally powerful chord/drum progression make this a worthy investment. Not as well done as say, Osculum Infame, a somewhat similar band on some levels, but still a solid disc. And support AMSG for fuck's sake!!!

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