One could say Unpure are almost a rocking version of old Mayhem. Very riffy, finely produced old fashioned black metal. Not incredibly technical. No elitist bullshit just solid music. 'Blacker Than Ever' kicks it into gear with Kolgrim's growly chorus of professing to be blacker than ever. 'Full Of Hate" has yet another catchy riff that sinks it's hooks into you. Basically Unpure are cool! They get the thumbs up from me. I'll leave you with some lyrics that attest to their genius(HAHAHA!!!) :

Horny Goats

Hunger for sex, goats erect
Man and goat into the lust

The snow lies cold under the fullmoon
penis pumping in their asses

Sex is a fact, in the snow
Screams from the goats, they want more


1998 malphas