Blizzard Beasts

This band has annoyed me VERY much with their bloody ridiculous concept of Blashyrk ("Fnoogle" in english.. yes, that's correct. "Fnoogle".), I hate their black metal parody lyrics. Every time I read them I feel laughed in the face. I cannot see the music and lyrics together of this release, which is a loss IMO. Still, the music is fucking great. The band has gone, as no doubt very much people noticed, to a more death metal approach of their music. Still, black metal is the essence. Relentless, cold, dark and destructive. The ever-roaring wall of guitars on "Battle in the North" is gone, but what has returned is more pronounced playing of more complex riffs, and more tempo shifts by drummer Horgh (pretty damn good drummer that is by the way). Still, it has that cold Immortal feel to it which keeps them so interesting. The vocals still sound like Popeye but they are pretty cool; I like all songs of the album. The album is damn short though, only 28 minutes of playing time! Yet it is enough for Immortal to put a lot of music in it, without a single boring moment.

1998 dwaallicht