The Mist Soften My Sorrow

[Tenebrae is one of the most know black metal bands from Québec, but they do not represent our scene at all, by their comments and their music. If you look for a good band from Québec, try to find some Frozen Shadows stuff...] Tenebrae is one of those bands who jumped in the vampiric trend last years, following CoF, the 'masters' of this genre (their old singer, Myrkhaal, left the band, disgusted by the new way the band was taking). Influences from this band are obvious, mostly in the keyboards and the French lyrics. By the way, I really hate the lyrics, they are about shitty romantic vampirism and LOVE, aaaarrrgh!!!!

In overall, it is mid-tempo black metal, with cheesy CoF-like keyboards and some catchy and interesting riffs. The guitars are original, but sometimes really boring. The singer is not bad, his voice is not high like Dani's vocals, but it becomes a bit monotonous in the long run. The drumming is cheap and simple, far away from the good drumming of the demo (even if it is the same drummer), so it could be much better. The production is good for an independent album, but who cares, the music is shitty.

Tenebrae is a fake band, a bunch of fucking pseudo-satanists posers who are into vampirism, who do not want to spread any evil message through their music (they don't even try to). What is black metal without any evil message???!!?

"We like this music, and we play this music. [...] You can call us posers all you want, but we don't have to have a bad mentality to play this music." (excerpt from an interview with the drummer and one of the guitarists)

If you're not lucky you could see this album in a store... I must advise you to do not buy it! Oh I have some good news : some rumors says that Tenebrae has disbanded...

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