Bestial Summoning
The Dark War Has Begun
[No Fashion]

Victory is ours…..fuck yes. "The Dark War Has Begun" is a sick, nasty, and at least for me, a revered album. No Fashion Records released this? On LP? Yes! They did have diversity (well, at least with BS and Fester) before they started filling their roster with "fashionable" (and generally AWFUL) Swedish bands.

The production on this is a tad more old school black metal compared to their raw and filthy '92 live 7". Seriously though, this album has EVERYTHING necessary required by those who classify releases as "cult". The first three tracks nicely prove this. "Victory is Ours" is quite Bathory influenced; they totally start the album out like "Revelation of Doom" did on "The Return". Fast, simple, and HEAVY. "Unholy Prison" is absolute "Morbid Tales" worship, with its slow and heavy riff. Devastating! And to fill everything out, with the third track, they jump into a then modern feel with some blasting black metal. Musically, Beherit fans should take note.

The vocals are special as well. VERY extreme! Screaming, insane yelling….the BEST maniacal laughter (there's something special about black metal "evil laughing"…it can either sound goofy or frightening…it works perfectly here). They're hard to compare to anything really. Bestial Summoning were just as brutal as anything Mayhem, Treblinka, Grotesque, etc. were doing at the time. For those of you playing close attention, you may notice that some of the riffs ended up on a track on the Bhaobhan Sidhe 7". They weren't given justice though (especially with the terrible dying cat vocals on that recording), since this LP is a masterpiece. Without a doubt, fans of dirty, unique, and psychotic black metal will learn to worship this. It really is special.

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