Alas / Hate Eternal
Split CD
[independent/promos on CD]

Equilibrium can work wonders. Half of this CD contains well-constructed doom-rock led by a lovely female singer. The second half, the blatant obvious, is super-brutal black/death metal. These opposing forces are linked by one individual: Mr. Erik Rutan, he of Morbid Angel fame.

I really enjoyed the ALAS "Engulfed in Grief" section of the disc. The nicely recorded guitars sound truly fucking dark with the paired up keyboards. Very professional. Ms. Beam's vocals are gorgeous as well. Somewhat pop-ish in some moments, operatic in others, but all around doomy and depressing. Alas (heh!), they remain angelic throughout.

Hate Eternal on the other hand aren't quite as interesting. I enjoy the sheer violence of this, and it truly is chaotic, but it has been done better before. What I can't believe though is that Jon from FMP has signed this band. You fucking dunce! Everyone know you only signed them to pull profit from having a band with Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse members in it! Sign bands that deserve to be signed, not just semi-interesting side projects!!!

Anyway, Alas is fucking superb. I can't stand nasty hangovers.

1999 brand