Decibel Rebel

Reviewing a Gehennah album is one of the sweeter pleasures in life. The self proclaimed "Masters of untightness" haven't let me down with their first two releases, and just as I expected, they've managed to come through once again with 33 minutes of sheer metallic bliss. Does this album require a wordy review ? FUCK NO!!! This is Gehennah after all, so it's not as if a great deal of time has to be spent searching for the right words to describe the subtle nuances of their sound - its M-E-T-A-FUCKING-L! For the poor saps who aren't familiar with Gehennah, I'll say this : it's a Venom/Motorhead fan's wet dream come true - 'nuff said. So what can past fans expect from this (their third full length) ? Well - more of the same. There's been some progress again (I heard a slight Destruction/Kreator tinge to some of the tracks, notably the opener "Beat That Poser Down"), and the production is a bit more "sharp" (thanks to actually recording in a 16 track studio (Sunlight for those who care) instead of whatever 8 track studio they used on the first (and second?) album(s)). Personally, I preferred the sound on "King of the Sidewalk" (it had more balls), but this is alright...and would any Gehennah review be complete without mentioning the brilliant lyrical content ? Highlights this time around (in the "most metal song titles of all time" category) would be "Beat That Poser Down", "Six Pack Queen" (my favorite track off the CD), "I Fucked Your Mom", and "We Love Alcohol". A great fucking album - not as good as "King of the Sidewalk" (although very very close), but a must-have for those who like their metal manly and dirty. LONG LIVE GEHENNAH!!!

1999 chorazaim