Enochian Crescent

Hmm...seems that Enochian Crescent play "black leather metal", but it sounds a hell of a lot like melodic Swedish death/black metal to me. You know the drill - just think of any of the (better) No Fashion bands, and you'll have a fairly good idea of what this sounds like (except for the very first song on this CD - I have *no* idea what the band were trying to do, but whatever it was, please - don't do it again!). Usually quick in tempo, lots of melodic guitar melodies, nice scratchy vocals, etc etc etc. I must admit that I think their second release (the "Babalon Patrale De Telocvovim" mCD) is a far superior record, but this one had a few decent passages in it - just not enough of them to really leave much of an impression on me. There's nothing really wrong with "Telocvovim", but it's got that "been there done that" feel to it. An average release - grab the mCD instead and lets all hope it's more representative of what E.C. will be releasing in the future.

1999 chorazaim