Anno Domini
[Nocturnal Art]

Recorded in 1988 and considered to be a classic by the legendary Hungarian band, it was released on Nocturnal Art for the good of mankind, so that everyone could know of the bands fine music . never for profit.

Euro was supposed to release this on DLS but he croaked. The band received attention because of Atilla's involvement with Mayhem and Dissection's cover of 'Elisabeth Bathory' on Euro tribute (questions: does anyone still harbour a grudge on Christian Vikernes? Where is that murderous midget IT?).

Anyways enough rambling, this is a really good CD with strong songs consisting of black thrash. Atilla's voice isn't as vile as it would be on the Mayhem disc. You should have this disc in your collection as the bands cult status is justified. Grab their 'Seventh Day of Doom' but stay away from 'Recipe Ferrum'.

2001 malphas