Nuclear Bloodbath
[Unsung Heroes]

5 trax - 26:47 minutes

Pure shredding screaming blastbeat two man black metal band sickness. Distorted, over the top, and insane. Will apeal to you crazy fuckers into Beherit, Centuries of Deception, Sort Vokter and anything programmed over 200 beats per minute!!! So brutally fast, it has to be a drum machine. We're talking non-stop machinegun drumming, whether it's in the foreground or background. Screaming, whirlwind of satanic vocals, jackhammer drums, and guitar riffs on crack.

The inside of the cdr cover doesn't have many details or any pics. Then again, this is so cool, it could have come wrapped in a poptart box and I'd be satisfied. This demo was recorded at Black Vomit Studios January-March 2001. Produced by Nebiru and Izedis. Chernobog are: Izedis - Chaos, and Nebiru -Destruction. Mastered at Bloody Leg Studios II April 2001 by Lord Vic.

Not for anyone who is into less than total mayhem and cult metal. I think this is fucking amazing! It gives me the feeling of listening to Bathory or some obscure band like Death Tripper from Texas back in the 80s, like "HOLY FUCK! THIS IS SOME GOOD CRAZY SHIT!!! HOLY FUCKING MOLEY!!!" or something like that. Probably the same feeling when you heard Dark Throne or Sort Vokter the first time? In case you haven't guessed, if you don't get this, you are not a diehard into extremely raw and savage underground metal. Go hide in a closet with your slick, pretty, glossy, homosexually-charged, and over priced poppy disco you're trying to convince yourself is black metal and infintely better than your faggy Marilyn Manson cds. I tell you, when a band ends their demo/cdr/album off with sheer noisy explosions, and you notice the similarities of that to the band (Chernobog)'s music....SHEER GODDAMN BRILLIANCE!!! This is War Metal!!! I am so thankful to my current Gods of choice, Lucifer and Odin, and the publisher of that porno mag Score with all of the chicks with huge hooters, I took a chance and ordered this. As with most UHR releases, I got my money's worth.

125 Church Street
Modesto, CA 95357

1. 6:59 Nuclear Bloodbath
2. 4:06 Demonic Genocide
3. 6:29 Defiled Holy Carcass
4. 5:50 Flaming Inferno
5. 3:19 Smoldering Flesh (The Aftermath)

2001 mlotek