The Shining Swords Of Hate
[Barbarian Wrath]

I haven't heard much Countess before so I can't compare. First track, "Children of the North Star" pretty much sets the mood and pace. This is not black metal as you know it. More of a mesmerizing Church of Satan feel with Boyd Rice(NON) at the helm. "Total War" is slow and repetitive, hypnotic like Burzum and Bloodstar.

This album sounds post-Atlantean/post-apocalyptic. With the ominous "Ohm" pervading the background/atmosphere, the layers of depressing guitar heaviness, the simple military/viking drum beats........

"Hate from Hell" is fast like Dark Throne but still turns into an acid trip. The closing track, a Bathory cover rips shit up with buried, tortured screams.

Great album, but not for everyone. The crowd into dark, ambient music will appreciate this more than the current black metal scene. Remember, no one really appreciated avantgarde stuff like Celtic Frost's "Into the Pandemonium" or "To Mega Therion" for a long time either.

Children of the North Star
Total War
Hate from Hell
Te Vuur en te Zwaard
Totenkopf (Satan's Soldaten)
When the Raven flies
The Return of Darkness ansd Evil
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