Seeing Carcass on their previous Musical Destruction tour and the following tour for this CD, I was fucking appalled by the rockstar attitude displayed by Jeff Walker and I gave Carcass the heave-ho after the show. I thought fuck them and wondered what happened to the band that kicked my ass on it's last tour. All that said, this is still a great album but one can see the change that developed in Carcass. They were once so fucking extreme but as time went on they became more refined and less brash, some would even say sell-out. One thing that I must say right off the bat, Bill Steer fucking rules!!! A great guitar player, no if ands or buts about it. Heartwork is technical, thrashy, melodic (in an Iron Maiden type of harmony) and displays many moods. They also decided to forgo their pathological studies and left their med-books at home for this album. Best songs are 'Carnal Forge' a speedy one, 'Heartwork' which displays their melodic side (cool video that has the band doing their interpretation of Cousin It from the Addams Family playing guitar), 'Embodiment' a mid paced crunching assault and the thrashing 'Arbeit Macht Fleisch'.

1999 malphas