Heavy Metal Maniac

I consider this Ottawa band's debut to be as essential as "Kill Em All" or any of the early 80s classics (ie. Raven's "All For One", Venom's "Black Metal", Grim Reaper's "See You In Hell", Anthrax's "Fistful of Metal" and ALL the Motorhead...) Actually, Exciter's follow-up ("Violence & Force") is maybe just as important, if not more!

Exciter were what all those old cranky longhairs needed as the scene was about to explode with thrash---Power Metal! I wonder if this was as much of a bitch to land a copy of back when this was out in 1983 as it is now. Supposedly re-released on CD (I have only laid my eyes once on a bootleg with the first two LPs, but missing "Iron Dogs" and I think, one song off the second...plus it was mastered off vinyl).

I would recommend this instead of any band wearing make-up. Dan Beehler (drums/vocals), John Ricci (guitar), and Allan Johnson (bass), wore jeans, leather, studs, chains and made Joe Average Metalhead stand up and feel proud.

Musically Exciter were sort of like Motorhead at their fastest (for comparison's sake), but harsher. Dan's screaming was unlike anyone else. Like someone once said (ChorazaiM?), metal bands USED to always have unique singers - maybe not great (or even shitty), but every band was identifiable. Fortune shined here as Dan Beehler's vocals and intense double bass drumming were a progression from what was considered the heaviest of headbangin metal at the time (not including Venom, they are in a different category). John Ricci's guitar sound was sharp, the overall production of the album was perfect. Raw, the sound levels were probably pumped up, or maybe Exciter played so fuckin loud! For a three piece band, they sounded powerful. No, actually, FUCKIN POWERFUL!!!

This album was a far cry from their Anvil-type 1980 demo (2 songs, "World War Three", later on a compilation called U.S.Metal, and a metal ballad "If It Takes All Night"...not really a tape to search for.) If you see "Heavy Metal Maniac" (or "Violence and Force"), BUY IT!

Side Heavy-The Holocaust(Intro)/Stand Up and Fight/Heavy Metal Maniac/ Iron Dogs/Mistress of Evil
Side Metal-Under Attack/Rising of the Dead/Blackwitch/Cry of the Banshee

1999 mlotek