Bolt Thrower
Realm Of Chaos

By many considered to be Bolt Thrower's first album, but in fact they did "In Battle There Is No Law" before this one, it was however their first for Earache. I am quite partial to Bolt Thrower, and I do think that each of their albums have a certain charm of their own, it is rather funny how they can, without actually doing much different their albums, usually seem to be quite far from each other. This particular album's charm lies in it's quite filthy old school death metal production and songs. The images of war, chaos, pain and destruction are abundant on this album, and it symbolizes the album quite perfectly as it does most of Bolt Thrower's albums, but I would think this one most of all. This album is more grindish then their later work, and albeit I am partial more to their slower material, this album finds a soft spot, and it is absolutely a brilliant album, as all Bolt Thrower's albums are. They have their own unique brand of death metal, which is rarely copied and cloned, a few have tried but all have failed, all that reached my ears at least, and why would you want a clone, when the original surpasses every clone?

1999 sharund