Blot Mine
[Near Dark]

Well I haven't heard much Setherial, but what I heard they seemed to follow Emperor a lot, and this band has a few ex Setherial members, so they could and do the same thing, follow Emperor, as well as following Dissection. Their sound is amazingly similar to "The Somberlain" and the opening riff sounds surprisingly much like one from "The Somberlain", I can't quite recall which specific track at the moment though, but mostly they do follow Emperor and Dissection. They do present a overall good album, although to far on the melodic side to suit me much. It isn't bad although being quite generic sounding, I guess you could say take 1/3 Dissection "The Somberlain" era, mix with 1/3 Emperor "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" era and 1/3 mixed influences from mostly the archetype Swedish sounding lot, and you basically have what Blot Mine does, but they do not do it bad mind you... But I have to reflect a little over the title... now what the hell is that supposed to be? Porphyr creation? Porphyr should according to my dictionary be some red stuff that is required all things living. And even more the cover, what the fucking hell is going on there? Some sort of space devil flying around with an explosion in his back used as propulsion, and he's puking out stars and shit, and not only that he has a skull in his genital area and more stars flow from here, again i say what the fucking hell?????? Maybe I better not try to figure out this stuff... it will just give me a headache.

1999 sharund