Bhaobhan Sidhe
Corpse Crater
[Wild Rags]

-Open the Faucet
-Shower Power
-Mud Strokes the Bone
-Front Zero
-Gaschamber Delight
-The Ovens
-Zeg des Todes

This group is from the friendly Netherlands, and has a member of the ultra-sick Bestial Summoning (rip). They also use a title from the old tongue, which means 'woman something (demon?)' (like Ban Sidhe). Don't ask me (or why every second Dutch/German band thinks they have some ties to the Irish)!

Now the 7" was just bad, and most people won't tell you differently. It was bland, awful black metal with some of the worst vocals ever. On the other hand, with the release of 'Corpse Crater' the band took an electronic approach. I've seen numerous different copies of that demo, mine having a picture of two happy little jewish boys starving to death in a concentration camp. 'Jinx' on the other hand was an equally bizarre release with better packaging. This is the 'CC' demo with some bonus tracks I haven't heard before, placed on CD of course.

The cover to this CD is beyond grim. A train, a line of people. The group have distinctively large, hooked noses. A number is on the back of one of the individuals. While not being too direct about it, BS are attempting to get something across here. I don't think it's too hard to figure out.

This is like Burzum style synth pieces, but full of life. Not clean, happy life though, far from it. Rather, the music here is, well, disturbing. It never really sounds like industrial music, it doesn't sound like your generic Mortiis post-metal garbage, but instead is twisted. It makes you feel queasy.

I never have listened to electronic music, and never will, but BS will appeal to those of you looking for some darker synth music. To me, it's nothing more than background music, but I did enjoy the two or three dirty listens I gave the album.

The back of the CD mentions 'Respect Suicide'. Indeed.

1999 brand