Tronus Abyss
The King Of Angels In The Abyss
[Pagan Moon]

Pagan Moon have taken some whining because they've used NS symbols in a few of their promotions. As people tend to concentrate more on things like that than the quality of a band/label, I'm doing this review. Now before we get down to things, I must make a mention of Tronus Abyss' upcoming album "Rotten Dark". A few of my Italian minions, who have heard the album, call it a true masterpiece. I do hope that release puts the band on a metal map of sorts. I'll attempt to track down this album ASAP for all LARM! readers.

Tronus Abyss play a powerful form of melodic black metal. When I say "powerful", I'm referring to the triumphant riffs they use. Not necessarily "epic" in the traditional sense, but they're still rather proud sounding, while still retaining that down moving gloomy feel of black metal. And when I tag the band "melodic", it's more in the recent Italian tradition of rich melody, not the Swedish form of "everybody else is doing it, so let's add a million pointless riffs to this song as long as they sound cute". "The King of the Angels in the Abyss" is a stirring and worthy listen indeed!

Vocals took a little getting used to. They're high pitched and screamed, not unlike the first Gorgoroth LP, Lycanthropy, Obtained Enslavement, etc. They do tend to sound hysteric like on "In the Nightside Eclipse" at times as well. Eventually, they work into the music though, especially since the varied drumming and non-repetitive nature of the tracks produce some interesting tunes.

Tronus Abyss are reaching towards a goal, a spectacular one that will put them into league with other melodic, technical Italian bands like Handful of Hate and Necromass. They aren't quite there yet, although I most heartily recommend this CD. If "Rotten Dark" is as good as I've been told, then Tronus Abyss will be one of the finest bands to emerge in the late 90s. What a fantastic scene emerging from Italy at the same time…

Despite the titles, the lyrics printed are in Italian, and are very decent...

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