Surrender Or Die
[Utopian Vision]

Sheetah! Fuck yeah! Hey bud, the April'85 demo originally released by Fringe is now out on CD! Originally produced than none other than metal guru Brian Taylor (Sacrifice, Sudden Impact, Lethal Presence, Beyond, Razor,etc, as well as a secret recording session for Ian Astbury once, but you didn't hear that from me). The CD version is produced by Slaughter's axe slinger/ lead grunting vocalist Dave Hewson, and Ed Balog (ex-Downfall bassist) in November 1999.

First time I heard Slaughter was on a local radio show Argh Rock/ Agressive Rock (now co-hosted by ChorazaiM) with "Disintegrater/ Incinerator" from their first demo "Bloody Karnage". My jaw dropped on the floor. Three Scarberians proved to the world a professional sound wasn't needed for thrash, in fact it was despised! Just pure death/ doom/ thrash metal aggression!

Slaughter combined elements of metal and punk: Hellhammer (the Celtic Frost influence was more prevalent on the "Strappado" album), early Slayer, Death ('Live at Ruby's '84'-era), the Plasmatics, GBH, Exploited, etc and insane antics inspired by torture, death, drugs, and Alice Cooper (destroying baby dolls onstage, chainsaws, doing jumping jacks in the nude in front of their living room windows!). The underground metal tapetrading scene freaked with the Surrender Or Die release and tried to get anything by Slaughter: demos, rehearsal/live tapes (They had 3 official live tapes at one point) or their infamously silly interviews and basement comedy skits.

(NOTE: I just recalled, that the riff/ drum pattern of the chorus of "Death Dealer" was ripped off by Deceased ("Sick Thrash", off their first demo, 1986 'The Evil Side of Religion').

While 'newer'(ie.younger) fans probably prefer "Strappado" due to it's somewhat "grindcore" appeal, which would later influence bands like Napalm Death,and put them alongside other innovative extreme metal bands like Repulsion, give me "Surrender Or Die"! We've waited too long for this. I still can't believe it's on CD!!! This is proto death metal. The youthful energy and snarling bassist Terry Sadler's shouts of "One! Two! One two FUCK YOU!" still slay me.

Of course nothing will ever top the October and November 1984 rehearsal tapes before they had distortion pedals. Wing of the hydra, tongue of the snake...something something something, I'll make the earth shake! ...... You're on the run from the Metacleaver!...He's slaughtered New York, Now he's flattening Dallas! ......or the amazingly bad, out of tune, Zeppelin-sounding "Hell Hath Retuned". Now, THAT should be on CD!

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1. 1:49 Disintegrater
2. 2:56 Incinerator
3. 2:48 Maim To Please
4. 2:36 Tyrant Of Hell
5. 2:49 Shadow Of Death
6. 2:13 Death Dealer
7. 1:23 One Foot In The Grave
8. 1:29 Surrender Or Die
9. 1:55 Eve Of Darkness
10. 2:15 Massacra* (Hellhammer cover)
11. 1:37 Strappado
12. 3:25 Tales Of The Macabre
13. 2:47 Cult Of The Dead (Instro mental)

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