...his Majesty
[Sound Riot]

Oh yeah! Ornias and the Swedish gang are back to pummel your skull in the way a boxer punches a speedbag! Svartsyn have "cleaned" up their sound and have matured a lot. I loved their first album ("the true legend") with it's mid-paced Bathory-type riffing and somewhat noisy, messy production, but "...his Majesty" is really cool. Concentrating now on playing superfast, tight and technical like Immortal.

Well, they still have an unreleased album ("Bloodline"), so they must be pisssed off. I would be! That anger has been turned into a no looking back, slashing, fuck the world, I'm my own god attitude. Ornias' vocals are still sick black metal, but the music is classier now, putting Svartsyn alongside, if not over the likes of Enslaved, Emperor, and maybe Immortal. (I don't want to say that since Immortal is one of my favourite bands too!)

Nothing else to say except this cd ends too quickly for me.


Sound Riot
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1. 4:31 Apocalyptic Prophecy
2. 5:54 Dungeons
3. 5:13 Tunnels of his Majesty
4. 5:02 It Breathes
5. 4:50 Necromantic Flesh
6. 5:27 I'm Cleopatra's Killer

2001 mlotek