Divine War

In 1997 they put out this, their third full CD and I still don't know what to think about it. In a way they became even more sick and bizarre although by other means. They work a lot with clear vocals now (Songs like "Spiritual" have clear vocals all the way through) instead of the howling, screaming and gargling that had marked the greater part of the two previous albums. It's still fucking perverted and the only band even remotely comparable to TENEBRARUM would be BEWITCHED from Chile. However, featuring elements from all previous releases, one could count "Divine War" as the culmination of TENEBRARUMs style, so in case you got interested now, I guess you should start with this album. To help your decision, this also features a very informative CD-ROM part covering the history of the band so far. Check it out if you dare, hahaha...

1999 blackgoat