Black Funeral
Moon Of Characith

I was momentarily insane when I picked this up. I forgot that they went in the same direction of their other projects Valefor and Darkness Enshroud. Man does this ever bag. I actually thought this was alright when I first listened to this but I think it was due to the extreme fatigue I was suffering due to long hours at work. When I put this next to some other dark soundscape material, it's shoddiness was totally apparent. Mike Ford is ... well Mike Ford nuff said. Shanna offers very little other than her goth girl looks. The liner notes say "if utilized properly, they can act as an opening gateway toward the reverse side, the dimension of which all things of nocturnal desires emerge". YEAH RIGHT, and Mike Ford found this gateway... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

2000 malphas