Blood on Ice
[Black Mark]

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that numerous comparisons can be made to "Hammerheart" when reviewing this album. The same era, the same feel, and brilliant music. The lengthy story behind the recording is printed in English and German, while the cover art is among the best to ever grace a metal album.

From the "Yeahhhh" after the one eyed old man's speech, the solo in "The Stallion", to the sheer catchy riffs and vocal chorus of "Gods of thunder of wind and of Rain", Blood on Ice is a fucking CORKER. Probably the largest improvement is Quorthon's vocals. A good deal more solid, and they manage to stay together when he actually attempts singing.

The production has a nice grainy feel to it, not unlike vinyl. The melancholy of the title track and the haunting feel of "The Woodwoman" and "Gods of thunder wind and of rain" will have fans of "Hammerheart" wonderfully pleased. Blood on Ice is an amazing recording, sometimes disappointing me that Quorthon didn't do more of the "viking" era.

For those of you who are actually in tune with reality, "Blood on Ice" will have been in your collection since a week into the release in '96. Everyone else has either been in a constant drunken state or simply not into this type of metal…

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