Carpathian Wolves
[No Colours]

Finally released on vinyl! After the CD version was made into a bootleg countless times (I'm certain it was done by a well-known American label…), I assume someone (No Colours that is) found it necessary to release this onto vinyl. The packaging is even simpler than the CD, with nothing new added besides the 500 limited count note on the back. What a lame job! Not even a gatefold!

Anyway, you all probably know what this sounds like. I'm personally interested in hearing the "Impaler's Wolves" mCD, since the production on 'Carpathian Wolves' isn't always fitting. Regardless, the music is dark and uniquely hateful, and sees the Polish trio stepping beyond the pure hate of the last demo/mCD into more atmospheric territory. For those of you who want to see what Graveland sounded like before fully shedding the pissed off vibe for a later Bathory influenced one I would say.

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