Mortuary Drape
Secret Sudaria
[Nazgul's Eyrie]

I was absolutely blown away by the production on this release. Mortuary Drape has never sounded like this before! The guitars are massive and thrashing, while the drums move from each end of my speakers at a non-stop rate (listen to the rampaging drum kit assault at the end of "Evil Death"). The production doesn't slow down for the (brilliant) solos either as in some past recordings - rather, they blend in perfectly with the music.

After listening to this, I wondered if I would have enjoyed the last year more had I actually purchased it last summer when I had the chance. Each listen gives me that old feeling: a special tingle up my spine, ensuring me that I'm listening to the best metal available on CD (oh, what I would do to see this album on vinyl). This is the best recording I've heard so far in 2000CE, period.

How many bands get better after more than a decade? Mortuary Drape sure have. Haven't heard the band before? Than you're missing out. The heaviest, catchiest riffs ("Obsessed by Necromancy" is a marvel), darkest vocals - Mortuary Drape is true EVIL METAL!!!

2000 brand