Remember that scene in 'Scarface' when that poor bugger is chained up in the shower and they take a chainsaw to him? That's what I felt like doing to the two members of this Colombian black metal band when I was done (and believe me, it took a LONG time) listening to this disc. Stick to the drug cartel and weekends with the coke whores guys, since I can't stomach listening to any more of your music.

NORSE crap is what comes to mind here, but sung in Spanish! Could anything be worse than that? The pathetic, thin production of the guitars doesn't help either! Lame keyboard interludes, generic vocals, and riffs that make my head throb with anger. It doesn't get any worse than this. I really need a drink and a bowl of soup after forcing myself to listen to this for a second time as well.

The sacrifices I go through so that you readers don't have to waste your money/time on FECAL WASTE like this is extraordinary!

2000 brand