Opera IX
The Call of the Wood

Opera Novveee, ah yes. The Italians are a legendary band of sorts, with a female lead vocalist who probably kills for pleasure. Opera IX are masters at performing grinding black metal assaults, while nicely mixing all of this with subtle keyboards and extremely atmospheric stops. Each track, despite running in and around the ten-minute mark, contains numerous catchy parts and is able to remain entirely fulfilling.

I personally don't see how anyone could not enjoy Opera IX. They possess ripping brutality that only the heaviest bands can pull off. Cadaveria's vocals are disgusting. At the same time, there's so many breaks in each track that tend to haunt, especially when Cadaveria lays off the screaming and starts whispering, moaning, or chanting. This if pulled off by using the keyboards/piano/acoustics as MINOR parts of the music, more in the background to add atmosphere than anything.

As an original act, it is difficult to place Opera IX under one single banner of metal. Rest assured that they are a proficient group, and deserve unlimited attention. A bright alternative to norse boredometal ANY day!

2000 brand