Spear of Longinus
Domini Satnasi

A trio (plus session bassist) that has had their share of controversy since releasing their "Nazi Occult Metal" demo (which was nifty thrashing black with one of the better guitar/speech sample ambient breaks I've ever heard). The packaging is nicely underground, especially since it's a vinyl only release. Just a simple sheet containing lyrics and some miscellaneous articles on the band from the Australian (shocked) press (an interview request from "A Current Affair" even!), a few band photos, gig flyers, etc. All tossed into a low-quality sleeve. Good stuff…

There's not much that can really BE said about this. It's a damn fine evil metal recording with fitting production and a nasty, old vibe to it. Heavy riffs, heavy drumming - and a true appreciation for ancient sounding black metal. Don't think that this is a neo-thrash bandwagon rip off though. Nope, SoL do it with style…

And good for them for not milking the NSBM trend and staying underground. Just goes to prove they aren't little kids looking for notoriety and fame like every other dunce band newly formed under that banner!

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