Kui Varjud Polevad

Very promising band from Estonia of all places, Tharaphita mix a little black, a little folk, and a few heavy metal riffs during this four-track release. The production is nifty indeed, not unlike some earlier Burzum releases. The vocals tend to sound the same as everyone's seemingly favourite Norwegian too, although the music is uniquely Lithuanian/Baltic (pick up a few Dangus releases and you'll understand!).

I appreciate this band, probably just behind Skyforger in terms of quality, enjoyable dark metal. If Skyforger is the Baltic Immortal, then I would guess Tharaphita are the Baltic Burzum. The hectic sound they band goes for, sometimes an impatient feel, is stunning. As the guitars take a top seat above the rest of the instruments, "Kui Varjud Polevad" is powerful at the same time.

A new tape is long overdue on Dangus (who probably hit themselves upside the head for not releasing this in the first place) from this trio. I can imagine them signing to a label in the future as well, as the music would translate well onto a lengthy release. Grand stuff!

2000 brand