Necromantia / Varatharon
Black Arts Lead to Everlasting Sins

Yes! I finally figured out what the photo at the back of the CD is! It's from the first "Hellraiser" comic, which was a rather excellent mockery of xtianity if you don't mind me saying:

Priest: "Burn Devil, Know the lord's holy wrath!"
Demon: "Why? Would his prove more scintillating than those I have known? I suspect not.
Priest: "You Dare?! You dare mock the lord's might?"
Demon: "Do you think, monseigneur, that if he exists, and if he is powerful as you claim, that he would trifle himself with you"

[followed by the priest being crucified, and everyone else in the palace dying some miserable, bloody death]

Anyway…the CD has some bonus 7" tracks from various related vinyl releases. And who can't appreciate stuff like this. No frills, no prissy non-metal feelings - just pure, disgusting ancient Hellenic black metal. I'd rank Varathron number one on this split despite the greatness of both bands - there's just something so uniquely dark about them. And that's what this split album is all about BLACK DARK METAL!

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