Powerless Against

This demo starts out funny. The band decided to introduce their brand of blackened death metal with a cheesy-ass religious tune sung by some member of "the herd". Its all very Disney-ish and makes me giggle every time I hear it. (They also close the tape with more of the excerpt.) I don't know where they lifted it from, but its hilarious. Anyway, Crucifier are a cool mix of Swedish black metal and . . say . . Sadistik Exekution, except not as nutty as Sadistik. Guitars are chaotic without losing coherence, a little repetitive, but not terribly annoying. The riffs are cool and don't sound too much like anybody else's. Plus with songs titles like "My Lord of Swine", how could one go wrong? The other instruments sound as if they are competently done, but the drums are somewhat lost in the mix . . of course that could be my cheap-ass headphones. There is also a VERY annoying ringing coming from somewhere, but that could just be my copy.

2000 j. mcintyre