[Music For Nations]

Seeing as most people already know of the shift Anathema has taken in it’s style, not to a dramatic extent as Paradise Lost, but a shift none-the-less, I need not point out that this is not the album for people who stopped listening to Anathema after “Pentecost III.” Judgement follows along the same lines as their last album, being a melancholic sort of rock as opposed to metal. I must point out that I loved their previous album “Alternative 4” it is a perfect blend of bitter lyrics concentrating on emotions brought on by loss and despair with memorable melodies. So when I say that this is an improvement over their last album you might get the idea that I like this CD a fair amount. From the first to the last track this album is just a pleasure to listen to, it is relaxing, and on top of that evokes some emotion to any listener who can identify with the lyrics. Tracks that stand out particularly are Pitiless, One Last Goodbye (A real tear jerker this one!), Parisienne Moonlight, Don’t Look too Far, Wings of God, and Anyone, Anywhere. Really, I could list the whole album, it is that good. Music wise the band display excellent, if minimal, musicianship as always with the layers of piano’s, keys and acoustic guitars. Not to mention Vincent Cavanaugh’s ever-improving vocals, he improves with each release putting more emotion into the vocals than Darren White ever could, sorry old Anathema fans. In short this is a mature album for the mature listener, it is a prime example of a band progressing to reach a sound that does not alienate the listener by infusing other popular styles of music like a certain unnamed Yorkshire band. Anathema, keeping with the Liverpudlian tradition of making great, memorable music, a must have for Anathema fans.

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