Bloodline 4:20
...In the Beginning

Bloodline 4:20 is one of the Tri-states premiere thrash metal acts (Ohio district). Having already released one demo-"4:20", they entered the 'Fifteen Minutes of Fame' contest of Slayer's and won! Winning themselves a spot opening for Slayer, at the Agora Theater in Cleveland, OH -10/98. Bloodline 4:20's-"...A New Beginning", includes seven head banging tunez; 'Deny Your Saviour', 'A New Beginning', 'The Silent War', 'For Life', 'Blood of Heroes', 'Genocide', and 'The Calm...'-(instrumental). The music is tight, tempo changes are swift, and executed very well, the guitars lean towards progressive metal in areas, the vocals-I feel need to be a little harsher-to match the power of the music better. Overall, this is an excellent thrash outfit.

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