The Human Animal Preserved

Teratism's debut CD demo is packed with eight tunez, in the brutal death vein with blasting beats that put them on the verge of grind.

Nelson Correia's artwork, of 'The Human Animal Preserved' is hellish-making for an excellent package all around-extreme musick & great imagery. Nelson Correia is also the drummer-pounding out some breakneck rhythms obviously isn't his only talent. The smoldering guitars & vox & most of the lyrics, provided by Scott Goodale. Lyrics are intensifying & putrid, while still being profound, such as; "Loathing in Contempt", "The Human Animal Preserved" , & "Facial Amputation".

Currently Teratism has a new bass player & are hoping to record again soon. "The Human Animal Preserved" will please grind lovers & death lovers alike. If your looking for some penetratingly severe musick, this is it! get your copy for $8.

Contact Address:
Teratism, C/O Scott Goodale,
11 Central St.,
Brockton, MA 02301

2000 skullcrusher