Crush The Weak

From the ashes of the punk/rockabilly sound of the Midtown Bootboys emerges one of the most dark and destructive metal albums ever released in the NS/WP music scene, Berserkr's "Crush the Weak." This sophomore release on the Resistance Records label is one of the finest examples of a band that could have gone mainstream in a heartbeat if they chose to compromise on their ideals. Production efforts on this album outshine almost all recordings made since it was released in 1996. Extremely good studio quality combined with excellent song writing and killer packaging gives CtW a punch sends the major (aka: Politically Correct) labels reeling.

Losing their lead singer Chuck from their first album, "The Voice Of Our Ancestors" and replacing him with a death metal vocalist John has given them an almost total new sound from their previous efforts. Combine this with the excellent song writing and musical ability of Tony (guitar) and RIP (bass) and the relentless drumming onslaught of Stacy, every track on the album is catchy and memorable. I was really shocked at the sound quality on this CD;..a lot of music in this genre sounds like it was recorded on a 4-track in someone's basement. I don't know which studio this was recorded at, but wherever it was it needs to be frequented more often by labels such as Resistance, TST, etc. The guitars have an deep aural crunch, the bass carries a distinct low end that allows RIP's talents to be displayed without being too distorted. The drums and vocals are in perfect EQ with everything else. This is definitely not going to be an album where you think, "The guitar sounds great, but the drums sound like someone put a shoebox over the mikes."

The lyrics contained are straightforward and brutal. You won't have to read too deep between the lines to understand the message that's being conveyed. Maybe the cover art was too subtle for you? The vengeance, murder, death, and brutality contained within will snap you out of the MTV generation filth that rots your brain and cause you to actually....think.

Granted, this CD is not the standard which all death metal albums should be judged by. The sound is more of a grinding groove that paces itself than anything fast. I would almost compare the sound to the first Six Feet Under release (I know, I know...don't throw shit at me yet) or late Carcass. If you enjoyed them or any NS/WP bands such as Triskelon, BFG, or Excaliber will find this CD to your liking.

(+) Great recording and packaging
(+) Lyrics included
(-) 2 covers out of 10 tracks
(-) Berserkr is now disbanded; they are now rejoined as the Midtown Bootboys. This will be their last album.

Track Listing
1. Swindler's Wish
2. Still at Large
3. Isolation
4. Dresden
5. The Walking Dead
6. Lords of The Seas
7. Refuse-Resist (Sepultura Cover)
8. Bang Bang (MTBB Cover)
9. Planet Love
10. Tear Off The Mask

2000 azathoth