Salt-Rubbed Eyes
[Black Mark]

This album was a fine follow-to "Forever Laid to Rest", and maintained Seance's aura of authority and originality amid the massive Swedish death metal scene that had come into full fruition at that point. Notable were the massive grinding guitars (fairly common at the time, although Seance used a different overall distortion than Entombed, Grotesque, etc.) and the distorted, driving bass, the true salvation of this album. It forces the listener's sinews into submission, opening the way for the guitar battery to imprint itself at the base of the skull. Another remarkable aspect of the album is it's inherent groove, this was and still is a mosh floor dream come true. Steady punch-and-stop sections give way to rising tempos at exactly the precise instant to ensure a violent frenzy (as in the title track, a catapult of vicious dancing death that even turns rock and roll at some points!) Vocally there is not much comparison to the other Swedish death stuff, perhaps a closer style to early Atrocity or Martin van Drunen's Pestilence style. This album also suffered from that rare syndrome of having great lyrics, heavily sauteed in religious symbolism but just antisocial enough to hover comfortably in the true realm of death metal. Choice faves on this one include "Soulerosion", "Sanctum", and "Angelmeat (Part II)", the latter of which Seance wrote in succession to the In Slaughter Natives track of the same name. This is one of those classics that has yet to be fully realized, so if you see it in a bargain bid I'd urge you to pick it up and give it a whirl. But Jensen-ites beware, this isn't even remotely similar to his later bands Witchery and the Haunted.

2000 pizarro