Hecate Enthroned
The Slaughter Of Innocence,
A Requiem For The Mighty

Pop quiz motherfucker. If you take something lousy and rip it off completely, what do you get? What do you get? Crap, or said in a different manner Hecate Enthroned. I remember when I first heard this band, which was their music video from their debut album, and damn that was bad!!! I mean really, really bad, beyond awful! But credit where credit is due, they have improved, now they just stink like a dead and diseased filthy christian carcass, as opposed to which was much worse, the undefinable which they were before. Anyhow if you are one of those teeny bobbing Cradle Of Filth rulez type of people, you should stain your pants from pleasure over this load of crap. And if you are a real man, you should know that this is not worth the plastic it was printed on...

2000 sharund