Dead Like an Angel

After KOROVA’s boring first album, I expected some improvement because the track on Napalm Recs. ”With Us or Against Us” compilation was noticeably better. Well, that track ”Trip to the Bleeding Planets” is included here, in a different version and it is the best track on this album.

Mostly this album strays farther from black metal into the zone of ”artistic” metal executed with more flair, more inspiration, more quality and earlier than the art-wave they now seem to have amongst the old black metal scene of Norway. At it’s best this album is about dreamy, insane industrial horror visions and macabre apocalyptic space-scapes, but at most moments it does not have any lucidity into it and reminds of short movies by art-school students – individualistic, personal, pointless.

Within the trend of modernized prog metal with some black metal background tones, this is one of the better ones alongside VED BUENS ENDE and IN THE WOODS – but beware of a severe lack of clarity and brutality.

© 2000 black hate